Teacher Appreciation Week is COMING. STAY TUNED!

Whether your kids attend school digitally or in-person, this will be a special week where we can show Level Creek’s amazing faculty and staff how grateful we are for all they do for our children.

Level Creek parents always do an incredible job of making sure our classroom teachers are appreciated. However, we realize that it can be an overwhelming task to recognize ALL staff members for the amazing job they do each day. We want to be sure that everyone at Level Creek—specials teachers, custodial staff, FOCUS teachers, office staff, resource teachers, cafeteria staff—are taken care of by our generous Level Creek families.

PTA has organized a school-wide collection of $5 gift cards to be distributed among these very important staff members. You can also donate through the PayPal link below. Your participation is completely voluntary but greatly appreciated!

Please send donations by TBA so we have time to organize and distribute gift cards during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Thank you for your help in making our amazing Level Creek Staff know how much we value them.