Donate through shopping!

Did you know you can donate when you don’t even know it? Yep, shopping is now justified – it’s to help the school, right?!

There are several stores that donate directly to Level Creek just by putting in your loyalty number or scanning your card. And it costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time to set your loyalty number to link to our fundraising efforts.

Below are links and details to how you can donate by shopping.


Signup with the link below, and our PTA will earn a $5 bonus once you make your first purchase with our new cash back program!

Our goal is to have 200 people signed up which will raise $1000 for our PTA!

aqua blue carwash

Aqua Blue Car Wash

Summer is almost over and your car needs a good wash from all the roadtrips!

Get your car nice and clean at Aqua Blue Car Wash (across from NGMS). Use code ‘30024’ at the kiosk and LCES PTA gets 20% off total sale price every time.

Tell your family and friends!

Aqua Blue Carwash


The school gets 10 cents for each one. Box Tops are going digital too.

Simply download the Box Tops app and scan your grocery receipt – super simple. No clipping, gluing and submitting needed.



To support Level Creek, sign up for Publix Partners through your account.

Go to the My Settings tab and at the bottom of the page and you will see the My Publix Partner box.

Click to select Level Creek Elementary. Then, enter your phone number at checkout each time you make an eligible purchase to earn our school money.

Sign up with Publix


Link your Kroger Plus Card to Level Creek Elementary.

It is time to reenroll in Kroger’s Community Rewards Program! You must reenroll every year!

Just sign in and select Level Creek Elementary (80918). The school gets a check once a quarter.


Coca-Cola Give Program

Join the Give Program & select Level Creek Elementary School and turn the product codes into cash

20oz bottles (cap- $0.05), 12pk (box-$0.15), or Costco case ($0.38)