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Executive Board Resources

The PTA Executive Board is comprised of PTA Officers, Principal, and all Committee Chairs. The Executive Board meets 3-4 times per year to review committee progress, budget items, and new business.

Policies & Procedures

  • Written Communication (letters, email, website postings)
    Any PTA document that will be distributed to students/parents will be reviewed & approved by the following people: Committee Chair, VP or President, and a member of Administration. Documents may be submitted via email or paper copy with form below. Forms can be placed in the VP's mailbox folder in the mailroom's filing cabinet.
    Document Checklist Form
  • Event Scheduling - Any PTA event to be held on or off school grounds must be scheduled through Tina Brocksmith and approved by your Vice President or President.  These forms are used to ensure all school activities are recorded on a master calendar while avoiding scheduling conflicts.
    Download Event Scheduling Form
  • Monthly Calendar/Newletter - Any PTA event or program should be listed on the PTA monthly calendar.  Please submit to our Secretary as soon as scheduled.  If a committee chair wishes to include an event or announcement in the PTA Press, please submit the information to your Vice President before the deadline.
  • Photocopies - Please obtain all copies from Postal Plus inside Kroger. They have a list of contacts on the Executive Board. Please obtain your VP’s approval before making copies. You will need to sign their book for verification.
  • Committee Plan of Work - The Plan of Work outlines the committee objectives, planned activities, and budget for the year. This plan is submitted to Vice Presidents for approval during the first month of the school year. These forms should be submitted no later than August 31st.
    Download Committee Plan of Work
  • Committee Reports - Two (2) weeks prior to each Executive Board meeting, Vice Presidents will ask each committee chair for a status report (as applicable). This report should contain current and future activity.
  • Attendance - Attendance of at least one committee chair is mandatory at each PTA Executive Board Meeting.
  • Mailbox - Each committee will have a file folder for correspondence in the PTA filing cabinet located in the Teacher Mail Room. Please check your file regularly for important information.
  • Expenditures - ANY and ALL PTA expenditures over $100 must be approved by the Treasurer or President before they are made. You may receive approval via email or use the Approval of Expenditure form for this purpose. Please be aware, you will not be reimbursed for expenditures that are not approved prior to the purchase.
  • Reimbursement - used for reimbursement for committee out of pocket expenses. The purchase must be preapproved, and original receipts must be attached to the form to receive reimbursement. Please place completed forms in the Treasurer's folder in the PTA filing cabinet in the mail room.
    Download Request for Check Form
  • Collection of Monies - Please notify the Treasurer in advance of any activity/event where there will be a collection of money. She will provide you with cash boxes, tape machines and check stamps. The committee co-chairs are responsible for counting and processing the monies collected. Please complete the Cash Verification and Income Receipt Form and submit to the Treasurer immediately following the event.
    Download Cash Verification Form
  • Contracts - Only the PTA President(s) can sign contracts for the PTA. Please do not enter negotiations on behalf of the PTA.
  • Bylaws - Each PTA office and committee chair should be familiar with the LCES PTA bylaws.
    Download Bylaws
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